CALS program

(Communication And Learning Support)

Primary:  Ms. Henry

Primary: Mrs. Bradik

Intermediate:  Ms. Bossalina

Intermediate:  Ms. Rendulich

The CALS classrooms are designed for students with autism spectrum disorders and/or other related disorders. We have four classrooms serving students from the central area from grades one through five.  Each child has an individualized education plan designed specifically for his or her current needs.  These plans may address student needs in the following areas:  communication, social skills, adaptive behavior, sensory motor, personal management, pre-vocational skills, academics, leisure skills, and community based instruction.  In addition to individual needs, each child has access to skills, topics, and materials from the general education curriculum.  All students participate in school wide activities like lunch, recess, assemblies, and certain field trips.  Each classroom has a buddy program where students from general education join our students in the self-contained environment or other school wide activities.

Our classrooms offer students a structured environment, personalized schedules, visual supports, opportunities for one to one or small group instruction, and shorter instructional sessions.  Our CALS classrooms use a variety of teaching methods: discrete trial-like instruction, following the child’s lead, a TEACCH (Treatment and Education of Autistic and related Communication-handicapped Children) modified structure in the room, and various other teaching methods that successfully work for students in our classrooms.   Other supports offered in each classroom may include additional adult support, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, and physical therapy.

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