I was born in Evansville, IN, and will therefore always see myself as a midwestern Hoosier.  As a child, my family moved east to Pittsburgh, PA where I spent most of my formative growing years.  As a result, I am an avid Steelers fan which will be apparent during football season.  I moved to Maryland in 1995 to teach in the Baltimore County Public Schools.  I was a teacher for 13 years and have been an administrator for 11 years.


However, I did not always aspire to pursue the field of education.  That pathway found me. Many years back after completing my undergraduate studies at WVU, I worked for a brokerage firm in Pittsburgh, PA. My goal at the time was to earn my MBA and climb the corporate ladder…so I thought. While working for the brokerage firm, I began volunteering for the Greater Pittsburgh Literacy Council where I learned how to teach illiterate adults to read. One man that I worked with touched my heart and changed me forever. He wanted to learn how to read so he could read to his granddaughter. I spent months with him and helped him reach his goal. That experience opened my eyes to a systemic problem; schools were graduating students that could not read. That was when my path made a turn. I decided to go back to school to Duquesne University to become a teacher and eventually take on a leadership role in the field of education.


Now, here I am the proud principal of Timonium Elementary School. It is an honor and privilege to serve as your principal.  I welcome and value your positive energy and dedication to excellence in education. Timonium Elementary School will remain among the highest performing schools in the nation as a result of nurturing authentic relationships, acknowledging purposeful and meaningful teaching and learning, and celebrating growth and achievement.


A great day for me as a principal is one in which I see smiles and hear laughter throughout the school.  When children and adults are smiling and laughing that means they are finding joy in what they are learning, teaching and doing; that is a beautiful thing.

When not at school, I spend most of my time with Poppy, my four-legged furry daughter, family and friends. I believe it is important to take care of ourselves so that we are able to take care of each other. Therefore, I practice yoga and Pilates, and I meditate daily. I find enjoyment in playing golf, taking long walks, reading, and breaking bread with family and friends.


 Ms. Brown’s Principal Promise

  • I will support a strong school community.  Administration, teachers, parents, students, support staff, and community members must work as a team.
  • I will ensure that the school remains a welcoming place for all students and their families.
  • I will ensure that the school remains a safe atmosphere where children can learn.
  • I will lead teaching and learning.
  • I will spend most of my time near the learning and instruction, so I can understand the strengths and needs of our students.
  • I will play an active role in planning and supporting instruction that is appropriate for our students.
  • I will ensure that school time and resources are focused on student growth and achievement.
  • I will hire, develop, and retain excellent teachers.
  • I will have a clear vision, be a continuous learner and adapt to new trends.
  • I will find ways to implement good ideas, rather than accepting the status quo.