Meet the Third Grade Teachers

Lisa Sauerwald

Ms. SauerwaldHello!  My name is Lisa Sauerwald and I am honored to be a teacher here at Timonium Elementary!  I have wanted to be a teacher my entire life!  My dream came true when I was hired at TES in November 2011! 

I grew up in Sparrows Point, Maryland where I am still active in the community.  In addition to teaching in the classroom, I am a coach on the field.   I have been a coach to a girl’s recreational lacrosse team since 2013.

I earned my Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education: Liberal Arts and Technology from Stevenson University.  I also earned my Masters of Arts in Educational Leadership from Loyola University.

My reason for teaching is simple:  light-bulb moments!  A light-bulb moment is the exact moment a child understands a concept and it is reflected in their face!  That is what I teach for.  There is nothing more rewarding in life than to see a child’s reaction when that light turns on! 

My art teacher in middle school really impacted my life as a student and remains an influence of how I want my classroom environment to feel.  My room is a Safe Room.  I want every student to feel safe from being wrong, from being left out, from making mistakes, from being singled out, from feeling pressured, etc.

I know our classroom will be a bright one!  Full of light-bulb moments!

Carol Frigo

Between the ages of 5 and 10, if you came to my Mrs. Frigohouse to play with me, you had to play school. If no one came over, I still played school. It didn’t matter if it was my neighborhood friends or Raggedy Ann and Andy, we played school! (And I had to be the teacher…) Every year for Christmas I asked for something else for my school (bed)room. I acquired a blackboard, a pointer, books, an easel for art class, and many more teacher tools. I was absolutely certain by age 7 that I would be a teacher when I grew up. That was the dream and that was the plan!

Here I am at Timonium Elementary School, living the dream! I’ve been teaching third grade here since 2006. I continue to get great satisfaction from working with children and sharing my enthusiasm for reading, writing, calculating and thinking. I can’t imagine life without books and the ability to communicate thoughts and ideas with others. I enjoy helping students discover the power and magic of words- through reading and writing! My students know that I want them to catch the “reading bug.” They know they’ve caught the “bug” when they can’t go through a day without reading! Reading and writing helps us think, discover, create, imagine and unlock the wonders of our world! Eleanor Roosevelt’s quote guides my philosophy: “Every effort must be made in childhood to teach the young to use their own minds. For one thing is sure: if they don’t make up their own minds, someone will do it for them.”

I grew up on the Southside of Chicago, attended Chicago Public Schools, and graduated from the University of Illinois with a degree in Elementary Education. All of my work experience has been in the field of education. I’ve taught many grade levels through the years, and spent 10 years with the CollegeBound Foundation, a non-profit organization that helps Baltimore City high school students attend college. I earned an MBA from Johns Hopkins University in 1996.

My husband, Jon Morgan, is a journalist. We are proud parents of three wonderful daughters.

Laurie Dungey

Mrs. DungeyWe have a wonderful school year ahead of us. I am excited to be able to work and learn with you. I hope you like projects, because this year I have planned some enriching projects and reports for you to share with your classmates. Along with our third grade curriculum, you will also learn some Spanish and Sign Language. We will be able to communicate in all kinds of ways!

I have been teaching since 2001 in
Baltimore County. I have always taught third grade and I enjoy every aspect of teaching. I am happily married to a middle school teacher who also works in Baltimore County. We have two beautiful sons, Carter and Bryce who make each day an exciting adventure! I have my undergrad from Goucher College and a Master’s degree in Special Education from Towson University. I am half Chinese and I enjoy sharing my culture with my students. I believe in hard work and setting high goals. We are all fantastic learners, and we will learn from each other as we share our ideas with one another.

When I first thought about becoming a teacher, I wanted to teach all kinds of students from all backgrounds. I wanted to see the “ah-ha’s” and the spark in their eyes when the students were interested in learning. The joy of teaching students was a dream of mine that I had since childhood. All I have ever wanted to do is teach children.

Now after teaching for several years, I have found that my philosophy of teaching has changed. I still enjoy the “ah-ha’s” and smiles when a student realizes they have learned something great. I have also realized that with teaching one needs to be patient, kind, to have unconditional love and care, be tolerant and have the willingness to make mistakes and grow from them. As a teacher I believe that students are at their most vulnerable and the way I teach will influence many decisions and choices they will encounter throughout their lives. As a teacher, I help guide students’ views on learning and unintentionally provide them with the morals and virtues that they can use later in life.

I believe very strongly that to understand students is to truly teach students. I believe that the spice to effective learning is variety and a willingness to not stick with old ways rather, to be a barrier breaker when it comes to making the curriculum come alive and spark enthusiasm in my students.
Teaching can be a very fulfilling job and each day brings a new adventure with new hurdles and learning to be accomplished. Not only do I teach my students, they also teach me. I believe a good teacher listens to their students, evaluates their learning, and is willing to change routine and try new techniques for the well being of the students and the teacher.