Dance Integration Program

Children are natural movers and are inherently creative.  The Elementary Dance Integration program offered at Timonium provides an environment for students to explore movement and develop their creative potential in conjunction with other subject areas.  Here at Timonium, we offer Dance Integration in Grades K-2 during the school day.

During a typical Dance Integration lesson, students are actively involved in creative thinking and problem-solving by exploring concepts in science, math, history, language, and social studies as experienced through movement.   The curriculum is aligned with both the Maryland State Standards for Dance Education and the National Core Arts Standards which focus on the artistic processes of creating, performing, connecting, and responding in and through dance.  

As a dance educator with 35+ years of experience, it is always exciting to guide the students through the learning process and support their thinking, learning, and dancing.  The program is designed to develop an understanding of fine arts dance as well as how dance connects to other subject areas.  As evidenced in current brain research, activating both the brain and the body during instruction has numerous benefits for cognitive, kinesthetic, and creative learning. 

Dr. Karen Campbell Kuebler

[email protected]